Published By: Hari Palguna Sen, Jan 6th, 2014
GerobagIn Java Island, gerobag cow are transportation equipment for transporting heavy material size. Gerobag cows differ from buggy or carriage, buggy or carriage drawn by horse power, as a means of transportation to transport material sized lighter. Long ago, before the widespread conveyance engined, wheel-wheel gerobag cow made ??of wood and iron, which serves as the wheel is made of sheet metal shaped circular, with the spokes of a wheel made ??of wood. Construction wheel buggy and horse not much different from the wheel gerobag cow, only smaller. The development of transportation equipment continues, transportation tool in Java as easily replaced cars, vehicles fueled premium or diesel, car wheels, tires filled with wind, certainly lighter than the wheel of wood and iron. Wheels are already in use and then later be used to replace cow wagon wheel wheels made ??of wood and iron. This is what is referred to as adaptation gerobag cows. Apparently the development of motorized transportation such as cars populai only able to push up to the lowest point, but it does not make gerobag cows extinct. In view of its function, gerobag cows also experienced adaptation, not only as a means of transportation-sized heavy material, but also serves as a tourist attraction. Darwin said “living creature now living was being able to adapt, ….”, was the ability to adapt the gerobag cows that are causing non-existant.
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