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MesinTtsTelur2In the poultry business, breeders want to have children poultry amounted to much, in a short time and simultaneously. Now these eggs hatched birds, typically the chicken eggs or duck eggs. How to incubate chicken eggs or duck eggs, not much different. Only hatching duck eggs take 28 days, 21 days were chicken eggs.


  1.  Selection of eggs:
  • Eggs have been a good quality, such as egg shells shiny, thick, not crack
  • Eggshell is not dirty, if dirty easily cleaned
  • Fumigation using KMnO4 and Formalin, a ratio of 1: 2, for 30 minutes, do I just put the liquid (in Petridis) into the machine hatching and hatching machine is turned on.
  • Engine turned with power, and temperature is 37-380C, keep the temperature stable for 3 hours, or until the egg is inserted into the machine hatching.
  • Check thermostat work to determine the temperature and humidity hygrometer to know
  • Check hatching machine can work well
  • Provide energy reserves in the form of light, electricity. This is as a backup in case the energy problem.
  1. Preparation hatching machine: Hatching Egg:

  1. Hatching eggs
  • Day I
    • Eggs are inserted into the machine hatching, first performed in warm water prewarning
    • The position of the eggs, slanted or straight, blunt position above section
    • Make sure the thermostat shows temperature of 37-38 0C, humidity 65%, in stable condition
    • Ventilation is closed
  • Day II
    • Ensure hatching machine still works well
  • Day III
    • Ensure hatching machine still works well
    • Perform first egg selection, select the fertile, fertile eggs are marked by red fibers, if one considers the way in a dark lit.
  • Day IV
    • Ensure hatching machine still works well
    • Ventilation opening
  • Day VII
    • Perform a second egg selection, choose a thriving, characterized fibers condense flushed
  • Day VIII-XIX
    • Ensure hatching machine still works well
  • Today XX-XXI
    • Make sure the machine still works well hatching, the hatching duck eggs, the process continues
    • Chicken eggs began to hatch on day 20, reduced chicken eggs, but are still in place on the machine hatching
    • Children removed from chicks after hatching machine feathers dry.
    • Ensure hatching machine still works well
    • On day twenty-six, the eggs can be lowered, but still in place on the machine hatching
    • Eggs hatch imperfect can help provide a hole in the blunt
    • Usually lasts until the day of hatching eggs twenty-nine
    • Children removed from duckling hatching machine after drying its feathers
    • After hatching process is complete, wash again hatching machine, hatching eggs fumigated for the next.
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