Published By: Hari Palguna Sen, Jan 6th, 2014

ParangtritisProboParangtritis located 27 km south of the city of Yogyakarta and easily accessible by public transportation that operates until 17:00 pk and private vehicles. The afternoon before sunset is the best time to visit the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. Of the karst hills we could see the whole area Parangtritis, southern ocean, sand dunes, to the horizon.

Not many people know that there are karst hills east Gembirawati temple ruins. To reach this temple, we can get past the ramp near Hotel Queen of the South and into the path westward about 100 meters.

Parangtritis very closely with the legendary Queen of South. Many people believe that Java is the gateway Parangtritis Queen of South magical kingdom that controls the southern ocean. Hotel Queen of the South is a luxury resort named after this legend.

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