Published By: Hari Palguna Sen, Jan 6th, 2014
PE (Ursa)Doing a business of any type, specific tactics necessary to obtain success. If we choose the type of goats as a business, it is necessary to target the type of production to be achieved. Such as meat, milk, and byproducts such as feces and urine. Types of leather production and the “fur” = hair usually unusual as the target results to be achieved breeders in Indonesia. Feces and urine while it has to be excellent for and is a byproduct of fertilizer for farmers.
If the farmer wants meat, milk and byproducts in the form of feces and urine, then the choice should be the goat variety Etawa Peranakan (PE). Governance types of goat raising work is of course different if we raise other types of goats. And very different if we farm sheep types.
This paper focuses on a variety of governance goat farming PE, is expected to be the author allows the reader to understand and practice. Sequences are as follows:
  1. Recognizing goat varieties PE, PE goat varieties are very different from the goats Local varieties and varieties Beligon. Note snout, short, bat-like snout, ears like a ribbon, looked roll, measuring long, and hang down. There is a wattle on the lower neck that extends from the base of the head to the base of the neck. Also usually goat varieties PE both females and males both have beards.
  2. The selection of quality seeds, traits that should have seeds that normal body, able-bodied, clean and shiny hair, as well as having the ability to adapt quite high.
  3. Selection of a qualified parent, traits that the parent must have a normal body, able-bodied, flat back, fat. Fur clean, normal genitalia, right and left udder large, balanced between right and left. Having a history of maternal and reproductive bore twins.
  4. Selection of qualified males, traits that males should have a normal body, able-bodied, back lurus.Ukuran large body, long, not fat, and looks dashing. Legs straight, strong, and high heels look. Normal genitalia, bladder normal testes, have the nature of a high libido. Age is expected to have more than 1 year 6 months, and had a history of reproduction, offspring of twins.
  5. Cage, so that the goats feel comfortable and protected from possible accidents goat pen must have the following requirements: Cage made the stage, berkontruksi strong and durable, avoid hazardous materials such as nails, wire, etc., feces and urine can be directed to air capacity so that it can be managed as a by-product, and can avoid the unpleasant smell. Avoid possible enclosure of damp and muddy, keep the cage is always in dry conditions. Getting enough sunlight. Avoid blowing air directly, but ventilation is necessary for air circulation.
  6. Feed, feed is part of the effort to obtain successful tactics that should receive more attention. Feeding goats forage varieties such as PE leaves of the tree and grass species should be given on a daily basis, as well as a feed supplement concentrate. The species of the best crops of the family Leguminoseae, or leguminous plants bear fruit. Goat is a member of ruminant animals that are efficient in digesting crude fiber, and can also consume the dry ingredients to 7% of body weight. Forage feed is preferably 10-15% of its body weight. Feeding good quality will give a good effect on the productivity of the child anyway, meat and milk. Good feeding this also works the feces and urine are of good quality as fertilizer.
  7. Reproduction, goats that sought to give birth three times in 2 years, when he first mated female goats aged 6-10 months should or body weight between 40-50 kg.
  8. Child care, the newborn goat kids by the parent should get lostrum from its parent, this substance in the stomach stimulates digestion kid will provide vitamin A and contains antibodies. If the newly born kid and had to wait 3 hours to its mother can not breastfeed then needed help to get milk from its mother. Weaning age children conducted in the 5 starting from the time of birth.
  9. Dairy farms, goat dairy varieties PE is a type, not too fat expected to obtain a lot of milk and good quality. Place milking needed its own place, because of the nature of milk that easily absorbs the shoulder is not good, so this place is a separate milking expected to provide the benefits of milk obtained good quality. Milking in a day can be done twice, each finished milking the udder should be cleaned with disinfectant to avoid the possibility of mastitis. The correct way to milk a goat by hand are as follows: (a) provide a feed in front of where flushing, (b) bring a goat to the place that has been provided, (c) in the hope that the goat was eating conditions, (d) place the bottle milk at a suitable place, (e) using the thumb and forefinger of the head bulkhead base milk, (d) dairy using the middle finger, ring finger and little finger, (f) waste little milk cow’s milk to avoid the first order of dirt and bacteria, (g) continues to dairy milk in the dairy section head up, (h) off the hand grip at the base of the milk to make the milk flow into the head of the milk and the milk cream filling with water again, (i ) milking was continued up to 6-8 times, and (J) stop milking when the milk in certain milk heads up
  10. Treatment of milk, so goat milk quality is maintained then prevented from warming temperatures exceeding 60oC.
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