Published By: Hari Palguna Sen, Jan 6th, 2014
IMG_0569Noni (Morinda citrifolia Linn.), This type of plants scattered throughout the archipelago, originally only found in the lowlands near the coast. Then easily found near the village, because the parts of the plant can be used for human needs, among other things: the root bark and bark was used as dye batik cloth, with a red complexion naturally. It can also be used dye woven pandan leaves and rushes. Leaves as an upset stomach, and women who will give birth to a baby by sticking after oil smeared and heated. It can also extract was boiled drink or fruit to cure stomach aches. Young noni fruit is often used as food, while the fruit is ripe, widely used in extract form as a cure for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others. One reason noni fruit extract may boost immunity after drinking.
Conditions noni product market needs continue to increase, causing the grains also increased, young plants are also growing. Epitomized the noni plant young, in a polybag, height 30 cm, with 12-16 leaves, it costs fifteen thousand rupiahs per stem, or it can be less than that price if purchased in amounts over 10 plants.
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