profil1-300x208Media on-line an English-language and Indonesian media, based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

On-line media theme is “Through On-line Media Join the Spirit Character Building Farmers and Fishermen”
Vision: Can Contribute to the development of agriculture and marine

ok-greenBeing media on-line agricultural and marine international scale

ok-green    Achieve 1000 visitors per day, and 4000 pages visited per day

The selection of this lintangluku constellation as a domain name based on the consideration that the Indonesian people are very familiar with this constellation. Farmers use as start planting instructions, and fishermen use as a guide in conducting fishing in the sea.
Management of media on-line, media owners, Drs. HariPalguna, MP and cooperation with CV. Mitra Agro Sejahtera.
Media on-line is connected with,;

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