Published By: Hari Palguna Sen, Jan 6th, 2014

TernakSapiKelompok1 copyThe pattern of small-scale cattle breeding, cattle breeding patterns of the people for meat production scale, in a cage filled only 1-4 heads that had been done by many farmers / cattle rancher, was untenable, because it is no longer able to compete, especially with the price global meat. Based on the calculation of the total cost of goods to produce one kg of beef per day weigh life of Rp 36,000, -. Equivalent to Rp 72,000, – the cost of production of 1 kg of beef. This is assuming a good feed intake for each head of cattle, 40 kg of forage equivalent to Rp 20,000, – and concentrate plus Rp 16,000, – productivity or live cattle weight gain weigh between 0.8 to 1.2 kg per day. Take the average live weight cattle weigh 1 kg per day. If the price of 1 kg of live weight of cattle weigh Rp 40,000, – or equivalent to Rp 80.000, – per kilogram of meat, with feed cost calculation as above, farmers only get a profit of Rp 4,000, – per day or Rp 121,660, – per month or USD 1.46 million per year. The calculation does not include depreciation cage, lease of land, water and the risk of illness and death, although farmers also earn extra income from cow dung. If the government forced the price of beef per kg down to the original position of Rp 60,000, -, equivalent to 1 kg of live weight of cattle weigh Rp 30.000, – this means that farmers are forced to lose Rp 6,000, – per day for each head of cattle, and it will add 6.4 million cattle farmers woes.

The solution offered was to change the small-scale cattle farmers, raising cattle scale or pattern of the people, in a cage filled only 1-4 tails turned into a commercial scale, namely: (1) Governments should facilitate the growth of cattle on the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Nusa East and other islands, from ranchers people to become the national cattle industry run by the people, (2) the government should encourage cattle farmers in Java, Bali cattle collectively perform maintenance, 40-100 rancher, maintaining his cows in a cooperative group , in cages in the area, (3) the government should provide subsidies in the form of seed and feed to farmers through cooperatives formed by the cattle ranchers.

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