Published By: Hari Palguna Sen, Jan 6th, 2014
Kayak copyTourist sites are located in the hamlet Tangkil, Village Srihardono, Pundong, Bantul. Located 5 km from the town of Bantul, or 18 km from the city of Yogyakarta, with a smooth paved roads, so it is easily reached by car. Srihardono Village, is a rural area with paddy soil and lush grounds, with two streams namely Opak River, and the River Kalibuntung. The flow of the river along the 500 m Kalibuntung passing in Hamlet Tangkil, then used as a tourist attraction with water kayaking by Taufik Rohman and other youth. This effort was initiated in July 2011, has now turned into a tourist village. And make Tangkil Hamlet, Village Srihardono known travelers, to foreign tourists. Some forms offers an educational traveled, innovative packaged in shades outbound, which has adequate facilities are available homestay, culinary facilities. In addition to water travel, some rides are available here which include: cruising down the river Opak, feeding point earthquake May 26, 2006, farming, making crafts, and taste the typical food Pundong. Visitors to date has reached thousands, of different elements, such as students, college students, and the general public. The most lively atmosphere here during the week end. Happy traveling with your family or your friends at the water attractions plus Tangkil Hamlet, Village Srihardono.
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